Hi! I am Lucia Giorgetti

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started drawing and painting when I was a little kid, like most of the people do.

It was when I graduated from high school that I realized I had a real passion for creating art. But for some reasons I still don’t understand, instead of enrolling into an art career I decided to study tourism and hotel management. (As I also loved travelling and I still do). I’ve spent many years working in the tourism industry and feeling completely lost and unsatisfied. Fortunately at the same time I’d been taking art lessons and attending to workshops. Reason why I’ve never stop drawing and painting.

Since I moved to Denmark in 2019 and as a result of the pandemic too, I found myself with far more free time. Which was easily filled with endless hours of illustration. 

I dare say that my style is to have many different styles. I can’t stick to one specific technique. To me that’s not really necessary. 

It is my belief that talent is not the key but practice it is. I thrive on creating colorful pieces on an on. What it is truly essential to me is to be constantly amazed by what surrounds me.  And that could be anything: leaves, nature itself, cups, food, faces and of course the human body. As well as colors, textures, shapes and shades. But above all thing: the light. Therefore I can say what certainly stimulates me is the observation.

Regarding materials I’ve always had a passion for watercolors.
However, oil painting was one of my first steps to the world of colors.
I like exploring new materials and combining them, if possible.

If you want to stay most up to date on my work, make sure to follow me on Instagram, where I update regularly.

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